I am off to LA and environs tomorrow to celebrate the Resurrection.

Many books in tow.

Here’s a little video I worked up. Wishing one and all a beautiful week.


  1. I recently attended Mass with friends at their parish, instead of at the Cathedral where I walk to. I couldn’t believe how many children there were — families with 4 or 5 kids — unheard of, even for Catholics! Like your church, there was a constant roar of kid noise throughout the Mass, but I came away so happy to see large families for a change. When I shared this with a female (Catholic) friend, she immediately dismissed the whole thing by saying that parents shouldn’t have children they can’t take care of. I was so taken aback that I lost my cool and said: “That’s a bad attitude.” It wasn’t a great response, but it ticked me off. All of the kids looked well-fed, and none were in rags. I like Durrell, but he was wrong about the overpopulation “crisis.”

    1. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      Right, as someone commented on the video, crying kids=more people coming into the Church! Blessed Easter, Ron!

  2. Ingrid Christensen says: Reply

    God bless you Heather! Love the way you share the honest truth of our path with Christ. Father Haggerty wrote amazing meditations on the seven sorrows of Mary that Magnificat published the their Holy Week volume. I was amazed at the life of Rhoda Wise also, thank you. Pray for us Rhoda! Life is rich because of God, not because of constant consolations!

    1. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      Thanks, Ingrid, next time I’m in NYC, I have to go to St. Patrick’s and God willing, attend a Fr. Haggerty Mass! And Rhoda Wise, yes, love that her alcoholic husband got sober…


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