An excerpt from thoughts by Bishop Erik Varden on entering into Holy Week.

WWNN [What We Need Now substack]: Sometimes Holy Week seems almost too rich in meaning, too overwhelming to properly appreciate. What’s the best thing to focus on as we observe it?

Bishop Varden: Isn’t the best thing to do not to make too many plans? Simply to walk through Holy Week step by step, as we do when we pray the Stations of the Cross, being intensely present before each. To pray while we walk, “Lord, open my eyes, my heart to what I need to see.” Then to be attentive.

Meanwhile, here’s my Holy Week reflection: Good Friday and the Thin Line Between Passion and Pathology.


  1. This was so interesting! Definitely worth pondering this crazy love our Lord has for us. And the speed with which we can judge others. Thank you. Loved the interview with Bishop Vardin. Although I’ve participated in the Triduum at times in the past and felt deeply what that experience brings forth, I prefer to do less and slow way down. Good for you for your service on Holy Saturday. I’m also challenged to stretch myself in that way. Have a Blessed and Joy-filled Easter!

    1. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      A joy-filled Easter to you as well, Elizabeth! So glad you found pondering material in Crazy Love, too…

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