Ha, watch out, I have been moved to get in front of the camera in the last couple of days! Today, May 8, I celebrate 36 years–whch just goes to show how OLD I am–of sobriety.

So I thought to reflect a bit on my lifelong introversion, also lifelong inability (not that I’m bragging to work up any kind of interest in or knowledge of world history, and the way the two have combined (along with other factors) to shape my approach to travel.

The day before, also riffing at least in part on the introvert/love-of-silence-and-solitude theme, I shared a bit about my recent hermitage retreat during which I read, among other things, Lewis Hyde’s The Gift and a biography with which I identified a little too closely in places, if you know what I mean, called Howard Hughes: His Life and Madness.

Deeply grateful for my life, my sobriety, and you, my readers.

15 Replies to “36 YEARS SOBER, YAH!!”

  1. As we are so very grateful for your gift of words and pictures to us, your readers, dear Heather! Congratulations on this grace-filled achievement and all that these years have yielded, to our (your readers) benefit. So glad to have walked a few hours with you- four years ago already. You continue to inspire and challenge me, and today I am thanking God again for your gifts. XXOO

  2. dianamaryllouise says: Reply

    Courageous and engaging Heather. Your dialogue is engaging and fits the Christian narrative of Christ The Prophet, “by the use of love, not fear, not by strength of arm but by wisdom of heart, convincing, persuading, enlightening, founding and empire on faith and ruling by a sovereignty over the conscience.” The Three offices of Christ, Sermons on the Subjects of the Day, sermon 5 St. John Henry Newman, December 25,1840.

    1. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      Oh wow, that’s good…thanks so much, Diana…

  3. Heather- Happy 36 years of sobriety! Such a gift … Your writings have inspired and strengthened me and perhaps most of all helped me feel less alone in my walk with Jesus. For that and so much more, I am truly grateful for your presence in my life. Peace be with you always and keep living ODAT in his love.

  4. So happy for you and grateful for your presence in the world

  5. Kerry Ninemire says: Reply

    Congratulations. BTDT and know how difficult it is and yet how wonderful it is. I am so glad for you, for the church, for your readers and for our society. You are a true blessing. Kerry Ninemire

  6. Susan Manus says: Reply

    And your readers are deeply grateful for you! Happy Sobriety Birthday!

    I love that screen behind you in the video.

  7. Congratulations! I have a friend who has been sober for over 20 years. The anniversary is a big deal.

  8. Tom Duffy says: Reply

    Hello Dear Heather.

    1. Happy sobriety birthday! Your journey has moved many others! Will be praying for your upcoming summer journeys and watching the blog to see progress (not perfection). 😀

    2. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      Tom!!! Love to you!!!

  9. colleensoll says: Reply

    Congratulations on your sobriety anniversary! It’s an amazing milestone!

  10. Congrats on 36!!

  11. HEATHER KING says: Reply

    Thank you all you dear, kind people! All glory to God, which is why we celebrate these milestones…today I must bring my car to the emissions place, and go grocery shopping, and make a dentist appointment…oh right, these are gifts, not oppressive unfair chores that take me AWAY FROM MY WORK. Heard someone share last night about the distinction between work as in work primarily to make yourself more comfortable or secure or rich–and work as in being of service…same work, possibly, but different motivation. Pondering…Wishing you all a splendid week–

  12. As are we for you! Quote… maybe shared by you (?) “It is solved by walking.” – St. Augustine


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