Christ is risen and I am about to be on the road…

Monday I’m taking off in my Fiat for four nights at the Holy Spirit Retreat House in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I have of course rented The Hermitage–cause it’s not enough that I live alone and work alone. I need solitude! I am going ON RETREAT! Apparently there is no wifi or maybe even cell coverage(?) I’m more concerned with what food I’m gonna bring as the place doesn’t serve meals. Piles, naturally, of books. I just want to go to Mass, pray, read, write, and walk.

And prepare for the two mornings on prayer I will give in late May to a group of Maryknoll missioners in Los Altos, California who will be there for an interlude of spiritual renewal. Will stay on for a few extra days to avail myself, again, of quiet (I hope) and the adjacent preserve which is apparently full of walking trails. Will fly in and out of San Francisco and am determined to parlay the day of my flight back to Tucson into a visit to the Gardens at Alcatraz Prison–a foray I’ve had in the back of my mind for years.

The next weekend, June 2-4, I’ll be giving a zoom Writing Workshop–“Writing from Silence”–that’ll be sponsored by and based in New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur. It’s a bargain I must say at 150 bucks–so sign up if you haven’t already and the spirit moves.

I’ll introduce the work of some of my favorite writers, reflect upon the craft, process, and mystery of writing, and invite discussion–we’ll have INTERESTING prompts, lots of time obviously to write on our own, break-out groups for those who want to participate…should be fun, and you never know who you’re going to meet or what idea you’re going to hear…

Then, in late June, I’ll be a week in Detroit! That’s right. The Motown Museum, the Piet Oudolf Garden, the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Riverwalk or Riverfront or whatever it’s called. And most of all, time with my friends Stefany Anne and Morgan, who have their own garden (and museum, and sort of drop-in coffeeshop/free books/sit-down-and-chat-for-awhile CLUB about whom more I’m sure later).

That is not even talking yet about Ireland, which is July 10 through October 3. One trip at a time.

Wishing you all a blessed Third Week of Easter.

4 Replies to “SPRING FEVER”

  1. Teresa Kleber says: Reply

    Safe travels, Heather! All your destinations sound lovely

    1. Thank you, dear Theresa! I hope to do a lot of walking…Easter blessings and I hope you’re continuing to write…

  2. I hope you can stop in at Sweetest Heart of Mary in Detroit. Another great CC to visit is Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth. OLGC was my home Church when I lived in MI

    1. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      Ooh, thanks for the travel tip…I haven’t totally explored the layout of Detroit yet but will get to it and have made note of Sweetest Heart of Mary…what a great name for a church!


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