Here’s how this week’s arts and culture piece begins:

“Sing the Hours” (, a platform designed to help people sing the Divine Office, is the brainchild of Paul Rose, a young convert from the Boston area.

The Office, musical by nature, follows a “Psalter,” a methodical, universally observed cycle. Priests, monks, and nuns are pledged to pray the Office at several set “hours” of the day. The Second Vatican Council emphasized that it should be the prayer of laypeople as well.

Each day “Sing the Hours” offers lauds and vespers, the “hinge” Offices.


6 Replies to “SING THE HOURS”

  1. Tina Daoud says: Reply

    hi heather!
    that is so beautiful that he sings the hours as a gift to unite christianity! lets me hope greately.the psalms are really good medicine for everybody.i read many every day.i like how they reach into human experience,especially pain and sorrow.
    and joy.
    we need more christians like that that can show what christianity is like,how beautiful it is!
    wishing you also comfort from the psalms!

  2. I enjoy his podcast every morning during my own morning prayer. Absolutely beautiful and a very lovely article about him and his work. Thank you

  3. Very beautiful, dear Heather! Thank you for sharing! Indeed, good medicine!

  4. Jeff Mesinoff says: Reply

    For the past nine months or so we have been prating the hours with Paul Rose. This was presented to us by the Sister who taught me RCIA. IT is a wonderful part of our day!

  5. HEATHER KING says: Reply

    I hadn’t listened in for a few weeks and had been praying the Office on my own but joined in last night for Vespers–better than ever! I think that’s Paul’s sister who sang the hymn and perhaps features more prominently these days…in any case, I’m so glad you all are availing yourselves, too. I just love that he took what he had, his natural gifts, and “multiplied” them, as in the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes–and now he’s distributing the bounty to us starving-for-connection folks…Easter blessings and deep thanks to all!

  6. You had mentioned him a couple months ago and I started watching, listening and praying. It really is quite beautiful.