Welp, 2023 is shaping up as a year of adventure.

Next month I’ll be flying east to participate on a panel at the New York Encounter.

SAT, FEB 18, 2023
12:45 PM ET

“You cannot love what shocks you” 
(Nathaniel Hawthorne):

Testimonies to the mystery of suffering and its relief and redemption in light of the life and writings of Lorenzo Albacete.

March I’m visiting San Miguel de Allende for a week. This is supposedly “pleasure” but will be pocked by the ceaseless stream of…oh, you, know, the ceaseless stream. I’m very grateful. The place looks to be saturated with Catholic churches, colonial architecture, walking, gardens, and I’m sure tchotchkes of the Sorrowful Mother, Bleeding Heart of Christ et cetera. I am going to look for a really good crucifix whilst there..

April I have booked four nights at the Holy Cross Retreat Center Hermitage, Las Cruces, New Mexico. Here I plan to map out THE REST OF MY LIFE ONCE AND FOR ALL.

May I will give a couple of morning retreats on prayer to the Maryknoll missioners at their place in Los Altos, California, and have begged a few extra nights to explore the nearby nature preserve and if all goes, well, the Gardens of Alcatraz Prison.

First weekend in June I’ll be (once again, having visited over Thanksgiving) at New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur, giving a writing workshop to the monks, oblates, and whoever else might want to attend. That will be available on zoom as well, flyer and links forthcoming.

Then I’m REALLY going to start traveling. Will spend from mid-July to mid-September in Oughterard, Ireland, just outside of Galway, then the last two weeks of September at Kylemore Abbey in Connemara.

My big dilemma is whether to head over to Europe even earlier so as to dip into Belgium and Scotland.

Be careful what you ask for! Obviously, an embarrassment of riches.

I just finished reading Martha Gellhorn’s very entertaining Travels With Myself and Another. But she mostly went solo, too.


  1. Hello Heather! What a coincidence!! i just am (late as usual) now in the throes of watching the repeat Hemingway documentary series on PBS and I too was taken with Martha Gellhorn! So thanks for the “Travel” book comment! I read a short story of hers right after watching one of the episodes the other night and then googled her. Looking forward to reading HER writings!! As I do to YOURS!! SO happy for your upcoming travels!!!

    1. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      Hello Betty, just emailed you! I especially liked Martha G’s account of her journey through Africa in Travels With Myself and Another, and just finished Alan Moorehead’s No Room in the Ark (which Martha mentioned)…Armchair traveling is a passion, too!…

  2. Enjoy your travels! Sounds exciting! I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  3. Sonja Maierhauser says: Reply

    I am intrigued by your mission to map your life! Are you able to give details on that process?

    1. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      Hi Sonja, no, can’t really give details as it’s a minute-by-minute unfolding, not a precise process. You see bits and pieces of it here…


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