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Like all archetypes the archetype of pilgrimage is experienced as compelling. Sometimes the reasons seem obvious to the pilgrim and, on the other hand, the reasons offered, especially to the outsider, do not always seem adequate to the compulsion that is felt.

Jean Dalby Cliff and Wallace B. Clift, The Archetype of Pilgrimage: Outer Action With Inner Meaning

The compulsion to go off and wander—to connect, to complete oneself, to heal a wound—is as old as man himself. It’s certainly been a continuing theme in my life. In my younger days I hitch-hiked all around the country. I once drove from LA to my New Hampshire hometown and back, alone, and made it a pilgrimage by going to Mass every day for seven weeks. I’ve been a pilgrim in California and within the Archdiocese, visiting innumerable gardens, missions, churches, studios, and museums.

But our real pilgrimage is interior. If a pilgrim is defined as “a person who journeys to a sacred place for religious reasons,” then for every seeker who walks the Camino, another never leaves home.


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  1. Aileen VanMeveren says: Reply

    I am such a fan. The first thing I do upon receiving my Magnificat is look for your contribution. Grateful for my life; but yours of writing, gardening, creating, contemplating and traveling is my fantasy alter ego.
    Thanks for your thoughts on interior pilgrimages! I’ve been blessed to take a few wonderful ones to places like Fatima and Assisi, but a reminder of the Little Way of interior devotions throughout my day is appreciated.
    Do you still schedule speaking engagements? I live in Colorado but we visit Arizona frequently.
    Thanks for the joy you bring to my life and many others!

    1. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      Aw thank you, Aileen–“the Little Way of interior devotions” is so beautifully put! COVID definitely put the kibosh on speaking engagements for a while–the only thing on the slate at the moment is a talk on Therese of Lisieux on her feast day, October 1, up in Fort Wayne, Indiana…I can’t wait. Apparently, Fort Wayne has a river walk…you could find any other upcoming talks, podcasts, etc at the Events + Media tab on this website (under ABOUT).