I always get confused re the distinction between humility and hiding our light under a bushel. Nonetheless with all honor to a Power Greater Than Myself: my Angelus News column just received First Place from the Catholic Press Association 2021 for Best Regular Column on Arts, Leisure, Culture and Food.

I definitely need to start writing more about leisure, but I’m too busy.

I also got a Second Place mention in the category “Best Coverage–Racial Inequities” for this essay, “The Ultimate Scapegoat.”

Even better, my beloved Angelus News received many other awards in many other categories. Big congrats to all, all around, with a special shout-out to Pablo Kay, editor-in-chief, who rec’d an Honorable Mention for the best such IN THE COUNTRY.

One year the CPA had me as a speaker for their annual awards conference. I went up after some guy from EWTN who crowed about having recently expanded the station’s reach to 18 trillion or something like that. When I got up there, I laughed, “Well, my own media empire is a bit smaller…I operate it from a desk in my bedroom that’s about four feet long”…

My desk I’m happy to say is now more like seven feet long as I’m using my former dining room table on which to spread out.

The weekly column is the fruit of a whole life of prayer, reading, pondering, sifting. When I saw yesterday that I’d won, first I cried a little and then I said, “That’s your prize, Jesus.” Nil nisi te.

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  1. Go you Heather!!! No surprise there… you already had the award in our hearts! Congratulations!

  2. Wow Heather! That is great! You have been able to verbalize so well so many sorrows and joys in your own life and that of others. The Jesus in you certainly deserves the praise and you do too for channeling the gifts He has given you.

  3. Jane Mqamelo says: Reply

    Well done, Heather, and so well deserved.

  4. congratulations on your award. your light would surely set the bushel basket aflame so please keep it on the lampstand.

  5. Ron Lewberg says: Reply

    Congratulations Heather. A well deserved award. The real winners are those of us who get to read your columns. Most of all, praise Jesus for inspiring you. Thanks.

  6. Philippe Garmy says: Reply

    Bravo, Heather! And all your colleagues @ Angelus…
    May our Lord continue to bless you richly and abundantly as you continue this journey ever forward.
    You are now our desert flower…colouring our hearts and souls with His everlasting hope and joy.
    Fiat Lux!

  7. Thomas Still says: Reply

    Lived in a room. Had a one-legged, restaurant table, taken, with permission, from another room (building went condo). Got a big piece of plywood, draped a bigger piece of green felt over it, and that was my desk. Kitchen table, too. Glad you have a bigger desk, Heather. Thanks to Jesus, He moves you to write. His generosity amazes, and delights.

  8. I am thrilled for you,,,,you honest and heart felt labor is a blessing to me…and many others…Ingrid

  9. Lisa Porter says: Reply

    Congratulations! So well-deserved! You are a blessing for all of us!

  10. Congrats Heather! Well deserved. Am enjoying your writing on Tucson- seems to be a great fit for you. Blessings, Todd

  11. Congrats, that’s so great!

  12. HEATHER KING says: Reply

    Thank you all so much for these heartfelt good wishes–working out my thoughts on this blog, the constant nourishment, exchange, support–all of that sustains my ability/capacity to write the column. So you are all part of it–on we go!

  13. Angie Nichols says: Reply

    good for you……congratulations… deserve all the prizes that come your way!

    1. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      Thank you, Angie, and we get to enjoy/celebrate them for about a day–which I totally did. Then–back to work!

  14. Mary Beth Paul says: Reply

    Wonderful! Wonderful! Well done and well deserved, dear Heather. I’ve been media-done-in for a bit and all of a sudden realized I was way behind on your columns/blog/ and worrying about how you’d be faring in the desert heat- let alone a desert heat wave…. You continue to lay your own heart out to us all that are fortunate enough to have found you. I no longer am surprised by the new treasures you share here… your willingness to frankly discuss the human condition and the Providence of living for Christ teaches me every time I check in with you. Rest well! Prayers for a quick end to the heat wave and safety for all affected by it. Love you, MB

    1. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      Thank you, dear Mary Beth Paul! So good to be reminded that we are all toiling in our respective vineyards…I am settling in here, new discoveries every day…sticking close to Mass…much love to you in Columbus and best wishes for a rich summer!

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