Watch out–I have kind of settled in to my new place.

And have been occupying myself with sitting alone in my room, speaking into a computer screen, and posting the results on YouTube!

I’m going to call it my Demented Catholic series and hope soon to be an “influencer!”

No seriously, I do have a deep hunger and creative urge that seems to want to move in some new direction…or maybe I’ll just end up doing little video book recommendations, which would be unbelievably rewarding from my end.

Anyway, here’s a bit of an invitation to my channel–clearly I’m learning as I go along. There are a couple of more recent videos–“Healthy People Don’t Need a Doctor!” and “Adjusting My Medication”–clearly illness will be a favorite theme.

Meanwhile my other favorite thing to do is fill the feeder and sit out back with my binoculars watching the birds. I am trying to learn the calls of some of the most common birds of Southeastern Arizona. Mourning doves are of course easy, along with my beloved house finches. But I’m branching out to Say’s Phoebes, White-Crowned Sparrows, Gila Woodpeckers and more.

What are you all doing for June?


  1. What are we doing for June? Moving house actually – after 48 years in one place we’re moving to a much smaller new build 10 minutes from here. D Day 17 June. Packing up a life and discarding, discarding & discarding. People today don’t want stuff we used to value – sigh

    1. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      Reading a book as we speak called Secondhand by Adam Minter, recommended by one of our fellow blog commenters, on just this subject, Stephen. I hope you received the reply I sent in response to your query about paintings, and wishing you all the best on your move–

  2. It’s a great month up here around Boston for shooting birds (with a camera). I get out almost daily, and am loving every minute.

    1. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      Fantastic, Patti! As you may know, I grew up on the coast of NH and lived in Boston for years…give my love to the birds there–

  3. Eileen O'Connor says: Reply

    I applaud your considering more “channels” for sharing your work. It doesn’t have to be about “marketing” – it can be using the tools of today to share the eternal messages that you have been bringing to us so clearly and artfully. I look forward to more ways for enlightment.

    1. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      Thank you, Eileen–you of all people know a LOT about the “tools of today”…that’s right. Instead of disdaining them, or wholesale disregarding, why can’t each of us see what, if anything, fits, and use it in our own ad hoc way?….Blessings to you, and thanks for subscribing!

  4. Hi Heather! So glad you are settling in! Spring is mellow here, filled with roses, blooming vines and the songs of bullfrogs after the sun goes down. I am working on my own ‘holy discipline’ though not the type you might be calling to mind (ha! No knotted leather thongs for me) Trying to tame my distract-ability in the studio, aiming for more painting/sculpting/gilding and less mindless checking of email and news feeds.

    Love mel

    1. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      Mel! Somehow this ended up in spam–why?? Anyway, so I am just responding now…bullfrogs…spring…yes. I can see you’ve been working hard and steadily, and the gilding looks amazing…so good to know we are laboring alongside each other in the vineyard! Sending love!


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