Hello dear readers and writers! 

I’ll be offering a new 8-week Writing Workshop on Zoom, Saturdays 12 to 2 PST,  starting Sept 12 and running through Oct 31. 

Our last 8-week session was stellar. We had a young opera singer who was working on a screenplay, a FAMOUS ACTOR working on a one-man show, a Catholic food writer and podcaster, a young poet from San Antonio, a couple of women who’ve raised kids and families and are finally testing their writing chops, and a dear friend and museum curator who writes with equal facility and love about his late grandmother and his own let’s say eccentric lifelong  friend Paul S! 

Hope to see some of you this next time around–Happy writing and happy August.

As Hans Christian Andersen observed: “Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.”

To enroll, just email me at THANK YOU!


  1. Tom Duffy says: Reply

    If I could write a YELP review, or it’s equivalent, it would be FIVE STARS!!! Heather, YOU INSPIRE and more than deliver on that sunshine, freedom and flower.

    1. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      If I could write a YELP review for workshop participants, YOU would be FIVE STARS, Tom D! Can’t wait to see your book(s)!!! LOVE AND HAPPY WRITING!

  2. Kathy Allen says: Reply

    How do we sign up?

    1. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      Why, just click your heels together three times, Kathy…whoops, I guess I forgot that part. Just email me at! Thank you and would love to have you!


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