1. Betsy Acciani says: Reply

    Hi Heather, I finally listened to this podcast as I drove to Walmart and back (enough time for the whole podcast!) for my weekly pick-up order. I’m not in the car very often these days, so it has become a little pleasure and sanctuary to go on a longish drive. And the only time I really want to listen to podcasts is in the car.

    I want to say I enjoyed your conversation with John Michael Cusick. He asked some really good questions. And you did a good job of going where he was leading as well as sometimes refocusing the conversation on a truer path. Thank you.

    1. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      Thanks so much, Betsy, I know, I rarely listen to podcasts myself, preferring silence…or classical music. But Michael John Cusick is a truly standup human being, with his own compelling journey…I feel honored to have been interviewed by him. He gave the book an incredibly careful read, his questions were great, and he let me natter on which was if nothing else, a huge act of gallantry and kindness. Let’s make him President! Anyway, I’m so glad you listened to and enjoyed the conversation. And Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Stephen Lynott says: Reply

    Thanks, Heather. The podcast goes a bit deeper than most columns because of the time I committed to listening, as you committed to speaking. You gracefully avoided the traps that we often set for ourselves, in that you, as female, did not cover yourself with “victim” language, and deeply respect the fact that God made each of us. We did not/do not create ourselves, whether we are male or female. He has a wonderful plan for each of us, and the plan involves suffering as well as human happiness. In following Jesus, you frame this truth that our present world hates to hear. In those ways you are a priest and warrior.

  3. Robin Ann Hafey says: Reply

    What an excellent interview! This is the first time I’ve heard your actual voice…I’ve “heard” you thru several of your books!! Thank you for your work…sharing your journey of faith…thank you for speaking from your gut thru your heart!! I have been lifted up and inspired by your life story!
    YOU, using your gifts, are truely a BLESSING!!! I’m thankful you left your work as a lawyer and committed to writing!
    God is using you in powerful ways!
    Robin Hafey

    1. HEATHER KING says: Reply

      Robin, my pleasure and I’m so glad you were able to listen to, and liked, the interview! I often can’t bring myself to hear the thing is taped but even I kind of liked this one, though I always feel I left out 90% of what I REALLY wanted to say…Hats off to Michael John Cusick who is so generous, kind and thoughtful. I do think this topic of womanhood becomes ever more important…thanks for your own kindness and more fun ahead…


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