“When I finally got wind of how things were, I wanted to be sure. And I was mad. Why should everyone know but me? I found my mother upstairs in my bedroom, butting new white sheets on my bed. ‘I want you to tell me where babies come from,’ I screamed. And I made her do it. In two clipped sentences, which was all she could manage, she diagrammed the mechanics of sex. So it was true. It was awful. ‘You just have to put up with it,’ she said smoothing out the last wrinkle, ‘it doesn’t take long.’ “

–Eveyln Shakir, Teaching Arabs, Writing Self: Memoirs of an Arab-American Woman

And here, from November 30, 2019, is a Podcast with Deal Hudson of Ave Maria Radio in which we discuss DEPICTIONS OF LOVE in four films: The Days of Wine and RosesBrief EncounterGone with the Wind and I Know Where I’m Going .

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