Pray for me. I’ve been hosted by blogger for over 10 years now!

And for the last going on five months, I’ve been in trying to migrate over here to wordpress.

The site is up, if not totally fine-tuned. Check everything out. I especially like this cool page I worked up with some of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE memoirs and films.

I think I managed to re-direct the RSS feed over for those who have subscribed.

I do like the new, cleaner look, and I hope you do, too.

The new decade has called for a housecleaning in many areas: material, emotional, and psycho-spiritual, with the emphasis for me on psycho.

Once I get a few other things squared away, I hope to be posting more regularly.

Eternal thanks to all who have read, supported, commented upon and prayed along with me.

Adventures await!

26 Replies to “I’VE MIGRATED!”

  1. jim runkle says: Reply

    Apparently my RSS has migrated with you. We’re both welcome I’m sure. Best, Jim

    1. Yay! You’re darn right you’re welcome! So glad the RSS migration is working cause I’ve been having to post in two places…thanks so much, Jim.

  2. Congratulations!! Looks great!

    1. Thank you, Edie!! So glad you like…and I so appreciate your readership and support. xx

  3. I know your new site will be as fetching as the last and look forward to all your new updates and discoveries. I join you in the psycho-spiritual housecleaning!! Many New Year blessings!

    1. Cynthia, ha, thank you for getting the psychic housecleaning! Yikes! Though I do little besides examine my poor beleaguered nervous system and heart, even I hadn’t known quite how much work remains to be done! That’s what keeps life exciting, though…Bless you and thank you–glad you made it over here…

  4. Fr. Matthew says: Reply

    Nice, spiffy look! and I know the content will be just as spiffy!

    1. Thank you, Fr. Matthew. Apparently, “no-one” has used blogger, my old platform, for about five years. If I’d known in advance the labor involved to move it over here, I never would have undertaken the task. Probably somewhat like childbirth–however, also like childbirth, now that it’s over, I couldn’t be more excited nor glad! Welcome to the new site!

  5. Lawrence McDonald says: Reply

    Just don’t get lost or lose us or in any way disappear, dear Heather ! ps Very cool look and of course content – always new, always different always you.

    1. Thank you, Lawrence, and not to worry, I’m not going anywhere until they put my cold, dead body in the ground…a subject I touch upon in next week’s arts and culture column in fact! I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief to see that my readers/supporters are being correctly directed to the new site. It IS kind of cool, I think. I appreciate your loyalty, always!

  6. Always ready to be inspired. Luv ya! It’s cold outside…

    1. Hi old friend! Well I bet it is cold back there…even been dark and gloomy here in LA. However, we are survivors!! Glad to see you on my new site. xx

  7. Stephen Lynott says: Reply

    You are coming in loud and clear in Michigan on your new site. Thanks for the hard work.

    1. Yes! So good to have a fan in Michigan, Stephen. God bless ya and I really appreciate your letting me know everything’s coming in okay…

  8. Mary Beth says: Reply

    It’s 15℉ here in cloudy Westerville but I find your new look warmly inviting. It looks wonderful, Heather! You did well to take the time in planning the switch. I look forward to exploring your offerings from the past 10 years. It is amazing how much easier it is to navigate. I especially enjoy the header photo in the “Events and Media” section. I also LOVE “My Own Personal Communion of Saints”, even though I know it was on your old platform. So Happy New Year and blessings for the busy months ahead. Love, MB

    1. Mary Beth! 15 degrees, yikes. Thank God for you hardy folk between the two coasts who keep things up and running…I’m thrilled to hear that the new site is easier to navigate–I had this very fancy thing planned with parallaxes and lots of visuals for the home page and my website guy, Geoff, was like–uh, how about this. I think he was right–yes, my own Personal Communion of Saints followed along, and I personally also like the pix of my apartment and garden. It’s all coming together–and my gorgeous beeswax candles have lit the way…I hope you’re keeping warm and continuing your raft of good deeds/interesting creative endeavors…Many thanks for your loyalty, friendship and support always–

  9. Fr. Rich Jasper says: Reply

    Many continued blessings to my favorite LA Catholic mystic-writer!

    1. Somebody’s gotta do it, Fr. Rich! Thank you so much and blessings to you–

  10. It looks good and crisp. Also, the links show up better on Twitter. Happy New Year, Heather!

    1. Michael! So proud of those links–long story behind them. Hope you are out and about identifying flowers and trees for the world! Happy 2020 and thanks for migrating with me–

  11. Ah, it looks fantastic Heather! I was automatically sent over here. A great start to all the psycho-spiritual housecleaning which I’m always in need of too!! Every blessing for the new decade

    1. Same to you, Lizzie! Very gratified by all this nice feedback–on we go to 2020!

  12. Rose Coogan says: Reply

    You’re the only person I have bookmarked on my toolbar 🙂

    1. Well that IS an honor. Now that I think of it, Rose–I’m the only person I have bookmarked on my toolbar, too!
      Thank you for your readership!!

  13. biowalchuk says: Reply

    This is exciting—-I finally got around to switching my subscription to your new site. I also like the clean airy look to it and look forward to reading your posts.
    All my best!
    Molly Walchuk

    1. Molly, thank you! Yes, it’s a lot “cleaner”…at first, I thought Where are all my totchkes! (sp). But they’re actually all still there, with some new ones, on the submenus…thanks as always for the love and support and wishing you a rich and epiphany-filled Lent–


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