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Hey folks,  my “Journey Home” conversation with Marcus Grodi will air this coming Monday, June 17.

You can watch it on Monday night at 8PM Eastern on EWTN, and if you don’t have cable, you can still view it for free at

The full episode will then be available online–I’ll post the link once I get it.

“Unchurched” was their term–it sounds kind of awful like pagan or Wiccan. I explained that if I converted from anything, it was alcoholism, and that I was simply suffering and a lost sheep. As usual in these kinds of discussions, I lost. Thanks so much for having me on, though!


  1. I guess you're "churched" now but I keep thinking of the old tradition of churching women. It's not a good description in this case.

    1. Michael, thanks as always–I just looked up "churching of women" and the reasoning behind it IS archaic (though I love the idea of blessing a woman after childbirth) and carries the whiff of Puritanism. "The religious ceremony continues in Eastern Christianity, and the Lutheran Churches and the Anglican Communion offer the rite; but in the Roman Catholic Church, it is only found in the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite and in Anglican Ordinariate parishes." [wikipedia]. So it's not even a term commonly found or referred to in the Church and for that and many other reasons, simply doesn't fit or sound right. I like Former Spiritual Invalid:"Healthy people don't need a doctor; sick people do." Blessed Corpus Christi to you!

  2. Such a bizarre title, but your story touched my heart.

    1. Thank you for reading, watching, listening and relating! Much appreciated.

  3. Just watched you on The Journey Home. Beautiful. I was particularly taken by your impression when you entered a Catholic church in the middle of town to pray and how you got the impression it was both consecrated time and a consecrated space. I had the same feeling my first time in a Catholic Church in downtown Memphis (St. Mary – old Franciscan parish). Raised Baptist, hadn't been to church in years, and started attending daily Mass because my friend was doing it and I was intrigued. It was like I had stepped outside linear time and was in a… really… supernatural space. I had never experienced anything like it. I felt like I was somewhere ancient.

    After that, I started reading Catholic literature, particularly about St. Francis because of the church I was going to, and about doctrine, and read myself right into the Church.

    Unfortunately, one might not get that first early impression in all Catholic churches. We were both lucky to experience it in our early pre-Catholic times.

    1. "I felt like I was somewhere ancient": yes! And I do feel that if we hunger strongly enough for meaning and truth–we will find Christ. Even in the midst of bad music, lackluster homilies, Church scandals, and a leaning-toward-totalitarianism politically correct culture…if I could find my way, ANYONE can! "My sheep know my voice"…Thank you so much, Michael! And I'm so glad we both wandered in…

  4. I’m really glad I heard your interview this evening. You are so honest, intelligent, strong and faithful. I wonder if you’d recommend one of your ten books for me? I’m going through a dry period and major depression. I’m praying to strengthen my trust and love for God and know His will for my life. Blessings!

    1. Hi there, I'm so sorry you're going through a slough of despond–I can relate! All my books address aridity and the daily cross in one form or another. But I'm thinking Holy Desperation might be especially to the point. Let's keep one another in prayer, and blessings to you as well.

  5. Dear Heather, I have read Redeemed therefore your story, as it were, was not new to me. However, listening to you on The Journey Home definitely amplified the book. Your relating your journey in person, in your real voice made it multi-dimensional. I loved the book. I loved the interview. I was particularly struck by your awe of Jesus Christ the man who you encountered, as I did, in the scriptures. Your awe
    was palpable and so, so genuine. Utterly beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much–that you saw something in the interview means a lot to me, Shadowfax. I very much appreciate your readership and support–Blessed Corpus Christi to you–

  6. Hello Heather, I saw your interview on The Journey Home. Interestingly, I hadn't tuned into that show for some time. I admit I was only vaguely aware of your writing. Wow… that sure has changed now. I also have to say – once I read both Redeemed and Ravished, I was surprised you were a guest on the show. I'm not being disrespectful to the show and of course not to you. But your writing and your story are so very bold, and honest and vibrant. It was like you were talking/ writing directly to me. But, I wouldn't necessarily consider you a typical guest. It was my very good fortune to catch the show. Then I read Ravished… the first page – I'm 66, childless, and divorced. Same with me, except I am 60. And I too converted (in 2013). And I probably have an extra glass of wine at night. At this point, I am struggling to get myself to Mass though I love to read about the faith and the saints. Anyway, I am rambling on here, so I'll close now… Thank you so much for having the courage to be sober, and to put your work (yourself!) out into the world so that we can be a part of this journey with you. Peace, Lisa

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  8. Jeanne Sokoloski says: Reply

    I don’t. Believe moths bite. I read your reflections in Magnificat, and enjoy them immensely so am checking. Out your blog. You have a very gypsy way about you that is so charming.


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