The above was taken at a glacial kettle (basically, a bog) outside Columbus, Ohio.  I met my Columbus chum, Mary Beth Paul, at Corpus Christi this morning for 8:30 Mass and then she took me for breakfast to the Fox in the Snow and then we went and visited some of the “habitats” outside the city. In the course of our three walks, we saw two herons, one pretty long snake, several turtles and frogs, a red-winged blackbird and a whole bunch of squirrels. She, Mary Beth, recently spied a muskrat at the glacial kettle–and took the above photo.

This afternoon I’m going to visit The Book Loft.

Then I fly back to LA early in the morning.

“The Journey Home,” speaking of home, taping went fine and the episode should air in a month or so; will post here when the time comes.


  1. You look cute in a bog.

    1. Ha thank you Karin, I don't know why, I just love this photo. I look like I've arisen from the swamp and am preparing to cast a spell…Hope your writing is going beautifully and happy summer. Come on over for coffee!

  2. Heather, seeing this photo here after your "Journey Home", you look poised and ready to enter the path to "What Next". I was also delighted that you liked this little primordial sport as much as I do. Sharing how Christ has surprised us in our lives while eating delicious pastries was the perfect breakfast after Mass at Corpus Christi. I hope you'll have reason to journey back here again. XXOO

    1. Mary Beth, didn't we have a wonderful visit! Thank you so much for squiring me about to pastries, coffee, the bog(s) and Inniswood, not to mention all the way back to German Village. Of course Mass first was key. Happy trails and every blessing till we meet again, and I do love those pix! xx


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