1. Yes Heather, definitely an Australian native – one of their many species of Acacia or Wattle.

  2. Heather, it looks like a Silver Wattle Tree!
    Acacia dealbata, Silver Wattle

  3. Cootamundra Wattle – Acacia baileyana

  4. Bless you tree-loving men–Cootamundra Wattle-Acacia baileyana does look right, Wayne, and as always, thank you Michael and Stephen. What's also lovely is that the trees when in bloom waft a subtle scent. I stood for many minutes regarding the branches against the sky and observing how the light filtered in and through…more and more as I age, I find I cling to trees, flowers, grasses…they are emitters of hope and light…more to come. Huntington Gardens, where I took the photos, has a whole section of Australian trees and plants, though this one is in the entrance allee…

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