I’m off tomorrow for the first of three June trips.

The first is to Sioux Falls, SD, to the ordination as a priesT of my dear old friend Timothy J. Smith.

The second will be to Livermore, CA, to the high school graduation of my nephew Allen E. King. I hope to arrive in time to take in the Centennial Light Bulb. From there, I’ll motor down to the Monterey area to visit with my another dear friend, ordained a priest for decades, the one and only Fr. Patrick Dooling, who will say Sunday morning Mass for the Carmelite nuns. I also have slated to take in the “Secret Gardens of Old Monterey.” And to stop in on the way back home to Santa Maria CA and some other dear friends–Dona Tensie Hernandez and Dennis Apel.

The third trip will be to South Bend, Indiana. That’s right–the campus of Notre Dame. Here, I’ll give a talk Friday evening at a big shindig of a conference called “Trying to Say God: Re-enchanting the Catholic Literary Imagination.”

In between, I hope to spend some time with a visitor to Los Angeles, artist Anthony Santella, currently of Harlem NYC. Anthony is a brilliant artist, works at some brainy job at I believe Sloane-Kettering, and will be in LA for a worm conference. That will give some small idea of his wide range of interests. Even more importantly, he is kind and funny. Welcome in advance, Anthony!

Here are a few links to some of my recent work

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8 Replies to “JUNE PILGRIMAGE”

  1. OK, you are a busy girl! So exciting. Just be home on July 19 for Vromans.

    1. Oh fantastic, Karin–July 19 is my birthday, so your reading will be a huge present! Rest assured I have it calendared…hope you are enjoying these halcyon days leading up to the release of your first book. Sending love!

  2. See you in South Bend!

    1. Yes, gearing up! Safe travels, Mary Beth and see you there.

  3. I'm famous! 😉 Looking forward to the visit.

    1. Me too, Anthony S!!

  4. Father Patrick! He is a special and cherished human being, one who told us about your "must read" blogs during a homily, while a priest in Capitola. I have been a fan of your inspirational and insightful writings ever since. Safe travels to you…


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