I’m back from Rome as of last Friday, but I didn’t begin to post all the photos I took.

Here are some of Assisi where I took the train on a day trip.

Once in Assisi, I walked up the hill from the train station, which turned out to be one of the best parts of the trip.

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  1. Gorgeous! Thank you!

  2. Gorgeous! Thank you!

  3. Stunning. What a gift for seeing and sharing beauty you have Heather.

  4. Did you discover, during your visit to Assisi, what qualities the locale possessed to make it the birthplace of so many great saints? I've often wondered at what special characteristics a place must possess in order to having birthed, held, and created such significant spirits of the Catholic faith; did the place appear to have any special traits qualifying it for such a role, or is mere coincidence it was home to such greats?

    1. I'm not sure, AR, maybe the saints came first and the specialness of the place after. It's very beautiful for starters: the landscape, the architecture, the layout, the light, the sky. And even with all the tourists, including of course myself, the feeling was contemplative…Hope you're well!

    2. Very good. I like the notion of the Saints proceeding the place's "specialness." Yes, I shall take on that perception. 🙂 Thanks, Heath'!

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