From an interview in the February 3, 1939 issue of Commonweal with Jacques Maritain:

I remember that the Pope has said, “Let us then accept the outstretched hand, but in order to draw them to the divine doctrine of Christ. And how shall we draw them to this doctrine? By expounding it? No. By living it, in all its beneficence. The preaching of truth did not produce many conquests for Our Lord; it led Him to the Cross. It is by charity that He won souls and caused them to follow Him. There is no other way for us to win them”…Such ideas are very inopportune, are they not?


  1. Well, I am very glad that you are welcoming the quiet time. I'm sure God will make that time most fruitful.

    Thank you for posting this reflection:

    Fr Jack said that we can offer God our smallness, our "inadequate" efforts, and if God choose, he can do wonders with it!

    It is just beautiful, thank you!

  2. You are a sign and wonder to me!

  3. I live in Brazil and I would like you to know that I and a cople of friends frequently read your blog. I also thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. I read 2of your books and I loved them. Please continue writing and helping us. Forgive me for my poor English. God bless you

  4. I read your blog On Feedly, so I never show up in your stats unless, like today, I "click through." I'm sure that you have many "lurkers" like me out there. Keep sharing, as the spirit moves you. You make a difference.

  5. Amen to your simplicity! You sharing helps me realize it's okay to just be Me with The Trinity in this materialistic world.

  6. Not that you're not doing nothing…but as I read your commentary I remembered a little card a parishioner gave me before a vacation. In Spanish it said, "How sweet to do nothing and…to rest afterwards." Fr P

  7. Your blog has been a treasure in my life for 5 years or so.. Such a beautiful offering,. I pray I can offer something close to as valuable in my life

  8. I visit your blog almost every morning during my holy hour. I always wait for one of your litlle "pearls" … they help remind me how we all are seeking to serve God but sometimes need just a little light on our path to guide us. Thank you.

  9. I catch up with you a couple of times during the week and i buy all your books! 🙂 you inspire me! you have answered my lame emails and for that i am forever in your debt. 🙂 i don't know what this lull in activity means but i know God is good and all will be well. love to you, brenda

  10. This blog, your books and encouragement have had a huge impact on my life. Your experience, strength and hope helped me to admit my own alcoholism.

    Thank you Heather!


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