From a reader:

“Some years ago, Mother Teresa was asked by a reporter one day, “What is your biggest problem?” Without a moment of hesitation, Mother Teresa answered with one word: “Professionalism.” She said: “Here are these servants of Jesus who care for the poorest of the poor. I have one who just went off and came back with her medical degree. Others have come back with registered nurse degrees. Another with a master’s in social work… and when they came back with their degrees… their first question always is, ‘Where is my office?’ Then she said, ‘But you know what I do? I send them over to the House of the Dying where they simply hold the hands of dying people for six months and after that, they’re ready to be servants again.’”

–[Victor D. Pentz, “Take This Job and Love It” Protestant Hour Sermon, (3/14/2005), p.3.] This was the greatness of Mother Teresa… her unflinching commitment to stay connected to Christ’s Servant Mentality.


  1. This is so humbling, Heather. I remember when I received my MSEd in School Counseling, I was very similar. I thought, "Hey, I earned this degree. I worked hard. I want something to show for it." It wasn't until I lost my beloved job in 2008 that I was humbled through humiliation. That brought me back to a servant's heart and my true desire to do great things for God, however, invisible they may be.

  2. On a less exalted note…I just returned after a bit and your photos seem to be really good. Did you get a new camera? Thanks for your honest and challenging posts.

  3. Oh Lord, how I love thee, and Mother Teresa, and Heather King for posting this. I knew this façade called "professionalism" was arrogance and pride thinly veiled but never put it into words so well as this. Thank you, MT and HK for confirming my faith so many years ago before I found it again, just recently. I was on my way to Him, without knowing it, all those years ago. I am happy to be amongst the poorest of the poor, in faith ~ Jill

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