“Noise is the Outside–the bully in the next block by whose house you had to pas in order to go to school. Noise is all the things you did not wish to do. It is the games in which you were pummeled by other children’s big brothers, it is the sharp, demanding voice of adults who snatch your books. Noise is day. And out of that intolerable sunlight your one purpose has been given–to escape. Few men have such motivation in childhood, few are so constantly seeking for the loophole in the fern wehre the leaves swing shut behind them. But I anticipate. It is in the mind that the flight commences. It is there that the arc lights lay their shadows. It is there, down those streets past unlit houses that the child runs on alone.”

Loren EiseleyThe Night Country


  1. "I was of course there alone" you noted of the time you spent in The Park for Everyone. And while I trust that you were there without the physical presence of a companion, I would like to note that there are others, myself included, who are also always "of course" "alone" which really makes neither of us "alone" now, does it? 🙂 As you do, I enjoy the solitude. However, I also (infrequently) find it daunting and lonesome. In those times I find comfort in knowing that although without the company of another, there are others who spend their evenings and their noondays and their mornings alone.

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