Here I am playing make-believe on my brother Geordie’s 48-foot commercial fishing vessel, the Brittany Lynn–which just happens to be docked in Gloucester, MA, the very town in which I’ve been staying.

My dear friend Ellen treated me to breakfast the day before my birthday, and she, too, took a turn at the wheel.


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  1. Fabulous photos of family, friend, and facilities!

  2. since moving from LA to CT three out of the six of us have had Lyme Disease….although, while I was diagnosed with Lyme for nearly a full year with zero positive change, I finally saw an infectious disease specialist who looked at my chart, said "You don't have Lyme" and now I am being treated for a UCTD, otherwise known as pre-Lupus. Maybe that little tick brought out the autoimmune disease I already had
    ?? Who knows. But I did find another poppy seed sized tick on my dog this weekend and pulled one off of my freckled daughter…it was a freckle with legs. Good grief. Welcome back to the East Coast Heather!

  3. As I said before, my sister-in-law suffered with lyme disease before it was diagnosed. Then it was months and months before she began to feel "normal" again. So it's good to hear that you're getting better really quickly (for lyme diseases, that is).

  4. All this time I thought you were in England for the retreat, but it is New England.
    Nice boat and your family looks great! And you look well on the mend? which makes me happy.
    The Passion…tough subject. I guess that if you wade in slowly and peacefully He will keep you breathing…

  5. Whoah! A toilet! Joe said the last one just had a bucket!

  6. I felt the same way when I had pneumonia last Christmas. I was down and out for 4 weeks, then I started to notice I had a little bit more energy, and slowly got better until I felt well. I was so grateful for my health, even with all the stuff I still deal with. If I ever think I'm too tired to do something menial I try to remind myself how wonderful it feels not to have pneumonia!

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