This was the breakfast made for me by Madonna House member Alma Coffman my last day in Combermere. The egg was freshly laid by one of the Sex Link chickens Alma, among others, expertly raises, and fried in a black cast iron frying pan. (Vis-a-vis the coop’s “pecking order,” did  you know there is always one chicken who pecks everybody and one who pecks nobody? Just like life). The greens, which included chervil, dandelion, sorrel and lovage were freshly picked from Alma’s garden. And check out the purple flower garnish (Is that a violet? I was so overcome by the beauty of the presentation I forgot to ask).

We sat at a table set with salt, pepper, and an old Tabasco bottle full of olive oil and another of vinegar, to dress the greens. We looked through a picture window with a view to one side of the marsh and straight ahead of the chicken coop and a row of birdhouses. We had a heart-to-heart talk. A ruby-throated hummingbird came, and another chickadee-sized bird that was pale yellow all over, and after awhile Monique Rivett-Carnac, who had generously sponsored my visit and because she’d out of town, I’d not yet met.

After awhile I had to ride my bike back. But it may well have been the most exquisite breakfast I have ever had.

2 Replies to “EGGS AND CHICKS”

  1. And we are processing your visit with us, and your wonderful words and presence, too. God bless you, and come back ANYTIME.

    1. Bless you, Fr. Denis! Thank you for your Prodigal Son book! Will write a proper thank-you note to the community after I return to L.A. next week–I'm deeply grateful to you all.


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