“To be human is to care for things that don’t care for you.”
Edward Hoagland

“The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.”
Lester Bangs, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, in “Almost Famous”

“I always had a sense of being followed, of being desired, a sense of hope and expectation.”
–Dorothy Day

“Every time you dance, what you do must be sprayed with your blood.
Rudolf Nureyev

Happy Valentine’s Day.

And if you want to see “Miners’ Hymns” at UCLA tonight, meet me outside Royce Hall at 7:45.


  1. Thank you for your hearts, God and Heather. Happy Valentines!

  2. Heather! If I lived there, I would be running to be first to grab that golden ticket! Just when I think I have read my favorite blog entry from you, another great one strikes my heart. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. You're a missionary who speaks my language! Thanks! <3

  4. Sounds like a perfect movie and a perfect plan for someone who knows how to wrestle some satisfaction, if not a little joy, in visiting the "thin-line-between-passion-and-pathology." Just on the edge. If someone shows up to keep you company, I hope it doesn't spoil the intensity of the experience! Our hearts yearn…yet it seems to me that only those acquainted with some real sadness or dark times, or at the very least be inclined to much introspection, ever approach the depth or experience of that. Through that prism of sadness and longing can He come and share visions of such incredible beauty and blessings. I guess that's the "beauty for ashes" Isaiah describes. Either way, beauty or ashes… have a Happy Valentine's Day.

  5. Having just got back from watching the grim Cohen film :'Inside Llewyn Davis' I don't think I could leg it over from Durham , England to Hollywood to watch another grim film about miners ….! They were hard times those and am glad all those dark houses have been pulled down .

  6. Whoa, thanks so much, folks! I had a splendid day–I swear it was 80 here in L.A. Noon Mass at the Cathedral, then the Fowler Museum, the Armand Hammer, a long walk, and The Miners' Hymns. I am now culturally saturated and plan to watch the birds in the back yard today…Hope you all had a stellar February 14th and are eating candy…

    1. Thanks for giving us that brief rundown of your day, Heather, as after reading this just now I was wondering "what happened, what happened?!" Actually I think some of us (me) would love your next post to be a detailed account of your day, including (what you didn't mention) whether or not you gave away your ticket and if you liked the film. I definitely applaud you for listening to that inner voice and GOING, despite the hardships. Here, my husband and I had just gone out to dinner and a movie the night before, so after a long work day at our pcs we opted to veg in front of "Rick Steves' Europe," a lovely trip to Croatia accompanied by (yes!) dark chocolate. Looking forward to your continuing adventures ~

  7. I hope you found someone to go with or to give the ticket. The important thing is that you put the "excuses" aside and you went and had a good time.
    With all the snow that we have here, I stayed home working. Didn't do anything for Valentine

  8. This is just what I needed to hear right now! I've been adjusting to life in a new town and I need to have this view as I look to establish a social life here. Thanks!!!!

  9. Just what I needed to as I try to establish a social life in a new state. Thanks!