From a monk friend::

“The church bubbles along. The Pope sure is getting a lot of favorable press. he is striking a responsive chord with a lot of people. I do not harbor any hopes for great change in the structure. It is just too big for on pontificate to make any massive changes. But I think that Francis has put the church on a new and good path. The world each of us inhabits is immediate, very close at hand. I remember reading an interview with Neil Young in Rolling Stone Magazine not too long ago. He said that he went through a phase wherein he felt a need to change the world He felt the weight of the world on his shoulders and slowly started to go crazy. His wife was the one who gently told him that the world would take care of itself and that the only world he needed to care about was the one he lived in. So he calmed down and cut his cares to more manageable proportions. There is some wisdom to that. I suppose we all go through periods when we are looking for the BIG solution, when we want to find it and attack the world with it. But we are limited to small, maybe insignificant actions. And the ultimate outcome is really beyond our control.”

From Catherine de Hueck Doherty, contemplative mystic, writer, founder of Madonna House:

“This vision of the whole is really staggering. Through the motley crowd that we are, filled as we are with all sorts of emotional and other wounds, the Lord wishes to restore his Church. Perhaps restore is too big a word. But nevertheless, it seems he is moulding us, shaping us, healing us, blessing us, guiding us toward that end.

How is anyone to achieve this miracle of grace? How can it be done? The same answer comes again and again, unmistakably: through prayer. What is impossible to man is possible to God and man. Prayer brings together, in a mysterious way, the mystery of the person and the mystery of God. Above all, there is a place to which we must go to replenish ourselves. To be filled with the strength of the Lord, we must go to the house of the Lord which is the Church. There we will participate in the Last Supper. There we will receive the Christ of passion and glory, of death and resurrection. There we will enter into communion with Christ.”


4 Replies to “SIGNS”

  1. when we are young to save the world seems so easy! we are motivated, we are idealistic. As we start growing up, not only reality hits us in the face but we also start in the path of humility and we start seeing that not only we cannot do anything without God but also that we are in God's time, not in ours.
    Heather, looking forward to your next book.

  2. Dear Heather:
    Thank you for your work. I deeply regret having committed more than a little verbal violence of my own. It seems like acts of violence are often committed over abstractions like "politics" or "culture" but acts of love can only be committed with actual people in mind. Your writing is courageous; I'm sorry for having been a thorn…

    1. Thanks, Peter, wishing you a beautiful Advent…

  3. How lovely! Madonna House is very near to my heart and was responsible for my second conversion (of which there will be at least several more I'm sure).

    Your post also reminded me of this quotation that I think of often: "The youth gets together his materials to build a bridge to the moon, or, perchance, a palace or temple on the earth, and, at length, the middle-aged man concludes to build a woodshed with them."


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