“There are few sanctuaries in war. But one is provided by couples in love. They are not able to staunch the slaughter. They are often powerless and can themselves become victims. But it was with them, seated around a wooden stove, usually over a simple meal, that I found sanity and was reminded of what it means to be human. Love kept them grounded. It was to such couples that I retreated during the wars in Central America, the Middle East, and the Balkans. Love when it is deep and sustained by two individuals, includes self-giving–often self-sacrifice–as well as desire. For the covenant of love is such that it recognizes both the fragility and the sanctity of the individual. It recognize itself in the other. It alone can save us.”

Chris Hedges, War Is A Force that Gives Us Meaning


  1. That is so beautiful and despite the fact I am a single parent, just what I needed to read as a mother today. Thank goodness Jesus will fill what I am sorely lacking in my parenting. God bless your Sunday.

  2. Great quote, great picture, Heather. Overwhelming to see them this morning.

  3. So many families are battle zones. Thank God for each on that is not and those that are but that work toward peace. I echo what Lizzie says above about Jesus making up my lack.

    [It's like every Mass when after having received our Lord in holy Eucharist, I sense my failings even as I know his love for me, in me and I ask the intercession of our Mother that she, by her merit and intercession may make up what is lacking in my relationship with her Son, our Lord.]

  4. I know that table down to the feel of the salt and pepper shakers, Kirk! Always good to hear from you…

  5. As a daughter of such loving couple, can one be surprised to see God's love pouring out from you?

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