1. Where have these travels taken you, Heather? I arrived in Baltimore late last night – but I drove rather than flying, since I had to move all of my belongings out with me!

  2. …..and what a great Chesterton quote.

  3. Hi Heather: You must be traveling again! I just had to mention I recognized LAX right away, flown in there so many times to visit family. Also in your last blog you posted a picture of St. Dominic's in Eagle Rock. That is where I was married! Of all things, I was just so thrilled. I've been a longtime resident of Texas, but once a California girl, always a California girl. I've adapted to the Texas way, but there is a certain "comfort" in California, more easy living. Right now it is 100 degrees everyday and you are probably experiencing 60s and 70s. Blessing to you my friend. I love the quote by Chesterson! How true, how true.

  4. These were pix from my June 22 trip to San Antonio. Still "processing!"…

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