From Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade, S. J. +1751

“I feel keenly…the painfulness of the ordeal to which God submits you, and the anguish your hearts must feel at the wounds you receive daily. It is true, I agree, that you would need to be a saint to let such things pass and feel no kind of rsentment. But if you cannot yet reach such perfection in such pin-pricking vexations, endeavor at least, first, to banish as far as may be every thought, reflection, and remark that may embitter your heart; secondly, when you cannot rid yourself of them, repeat interiorly in your most intimate soul: “Oh God, you have allowed this to be; may your adorable desires and decrees be accomplished in all things: I make you a sacrifice of this difficulty and all its consequences; it shall take whatever form it pleases you: you are the Master; may you be blessed for all things and in all things. Fiat!


Here I shall be, tooling gaily about the gridlocked freeways of L.A….minus, however, the lapdog.

10 Replies to “MY NEW CAR”

  1. Fantastic, Heather, It suits you to a tee!Funny about the FIAT!

  2. Were you feeling the prominent need to distinguish yourself as being unique in purchasing the sole verde oliva?! 😉 That color is AMAZING! When I look at cars I ask "Will I look good stepping out of it adorned from top to bottom in black?" and if my answer is no I lose interest in the vehicle. This, however, provides a "yes" – I LOVE IT!! Congratulations on your new car, Heather! How exciting!

    Have you seen the classic Thelma and Louise? Somehow your photographs of Lilian Bassman made me think of that movie. Definitely worth watching, if you haven't already done so.

    Fun and safe cruising to you!

  3. Oh Lord yes, I am always feeling the primordial need to distinguish myself, and how an item will pair with my all-black wardrobe is indeed the main point. In fact I wanted to buy a black CAR but my friends, conversant with my lackluster car-washing regime, convinced me it would look dirty all the time. Plus green really is my favorite color…
    love to all! I am off to San Antonio to give a talk at an ENDOW luncheon tomorrow.
    And no, the laptop is not yet fixed. "Victor" has supposedly had the part FEd-Exed and it will arrive Monday….

  4. Hi Heather, nice ride!

    I feel like I should know this but what is the source for that quote?

  5. An olive on four wheels. It's perfect. I am happy for you, dear Heather.

    Our joyful car news is that with our next payment in July we are finished with payments. We extended it as long as was possible. It's in my name but I never use it, every one else in the family uses it. Of course, I bicycle, 365. I was saying to MB the other day that if I ever do get a car again some time in a future I can't imagine now, I would love a little Fiat.

  6. P.S. I quite like the red pit Fiat logo in the front of your olive.

  7. Thank the Lord! I don't have to worry about that Celica crapping out on you anymore. 🙂

  8. Thanks, Frank, and thanks everyone….Lee, the quote (whoops!) was from Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade.

    Am slowly getting used to my new vehicle…I can't believe I can listen to my ipod in there!…thanks be to God–

  9. Great car! I think this is the perfection that you’ve been wanting reached, somehow. Anyway, I love the color you chose. It has a cross between Moss Green and Brown, which is perfect if you want to be a rockstar on the road.

    Sarah Erwin

  10. I love that car! It has a very stylish design, and seems quite smooth to drive. And its outstanding personality really suits the passage of Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade. It shall take whatever form it pleases you, because you are the Master. Cheers!

    Damon Sherman @ Butler Auto Hyundai


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