The other morning, after 8 o’clock Mass, I left the church and started walking home. I took the long way, up Micheltorena through the winding hills of Silver Lake and down through Descanso. I passed a couple, standing in their driveway by their respective cars, getting ready to go to work.

“Bye, baby,” the gal said. “Bye, honey,” the guy said.

I thought of the Eucharist: with me, in me.
I thought: That’s me and Christ.

4 Replies to “I FOUND A LOVE”

  1. So sweet. Reminds me of a story Bert Ghezzi tells of Bl Pier Giorgio Frassati:
    "… when Pier Giorgio left a church after an hour of prayer, he would turn and give a little wave toward the tabernacle."

    Bye, Honey!


  2. I went to a small private Christian college where many of the girls "dated" Jesus. They wrote Him love letters, made Him Valentine's Day cards, went on "dates" with Him, and refused the advances of perfectly honorable men because they were "taken", "unavailable", and "already dating Someone". Although I understand we generally desire both closeness with God and a sensual intimacy, I am unconvinced we should act as though God is our significant other. And what about me or you would make Him want to date us?!?!?! I have always interpreted the passages about us being His bride simply as demonstrations of His commitment to and love for us. Is it one's disconnect with potential partners that scares them into perceiving God as an adequate partner? Having Jesus as a significant other seems to be disrespectful of reasonable boundaries.

    …Perhaps though I am just taking out my frustration with these "holier than thou [because I date Jesus]" minded-girls here.

  3. Ni Alicia–No, not disrespectful, nor heedless of boundaries, nor flippant, nor coy.

    Tongue-in-cheek, yes: Jesus would hardly be age-appropriate for me at this point. Evocative of the ache for mystical unity, yes. If you think, trudging from Mass alone toward home, where I more or less live alone, work alone, pray alone and for sure sleep alone, that the sight of a darling young couple who has clearly spent the night together doesn't send a pang to my heart, you would be quite, quite wrong. So evocative as well of the fact that, even at 60, even single, a life grounded in Christ is marked by erotic juice, creative fire, joy in the midst of loneliness that would be unbearable if not for Him, and, it's to be hoped, a lack of self-pity. An ability to rejoice at the joy of others, and gratitude at getting to be part of the whole crazy mess.

    Finally, the post pays tribute to the great Etta James, who never knew her father, suffered from addiction, spent her whole life looking for The One, and in spite of her suffering, gave us her sublime voice anyway.

  4. I really enjoyed your post. My priest had a homily for May on Mary; he said if your own mother wasn't what you hoped, to pray for her, forgive her, let your own wounds go and then focus on embracing Mary as your heavenly mother. As someone who has forever struggled to relate to my own mother, I felt such peace. It's not for another to judge if our relationship to Christ, God, the Holy Spirit, Mary or any of the Saints is "excessive" in love. St. Therese of Lisieux loved Christ with all her being. That love overflowed in her writing to show an admiration filled with truth and beauty. And where would we be without the reflections of the Little Flower?