Don’t laugh now: I have cobbled together a 31-minute movie.

Written, shot, directed, financed, and produced by yours truly, it consists of a talking-to-myself stream-of- consciousness reverie as I wander through my L.A. ‘hood of Silver Lake to St. Francis of Assisi on Micheltorena for Mass..


  1. Anonymous says: Reply

    Amen from Dover, New Hampshire. Thanks for that video.

  2. Anonymous says: Reply

    I actually like how the screen goes black after you speak of having been in "terrible, terrible bondage." It's the sort of perfection that can't be planned.

  3. Anonymous says: Reply

    You are a walking catechism in this video. I loved it.

    Thank you.

    NY Mom

  4. "The problem for me is … people."

    Oh yeah.

    I really enjoyed spending my lunch hour walking around your neighborhood. The last half of the film, or the narration anyway, was particularly great. Thanks.

    Do you know that around 14:45 there's about 2 minutes of blackness and silence?


  5. I had exactly that impression of LA that you describe, as being a wasteland, etc., and am glad to be shown otherwise. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the walk. I especially stopped and reflected when you talked about "short cuts". Seems that all the shortcuts I took in my life only led to deeper pain and deeper wounds. I am grateful that Christ has the healing salve.
    I love your journey and thank you for taking us along for the trip.

  7. Heather
    I very much enjoyed your pilgrimage to St. Francis of Assisi as you meditated on your life and spiritual journey. You have no need to journey to Spain to walk the way of St. James. You can do it in Silverlake and when the time comes for the Lord to take you. This video and your other works will show your footprint to prove you did walk the way!

  8. Anonymous says: Reply

    The video was great, your words inspire me. Thank you,Heather.

  9. How beautiful the comment from philip! Heather journeys in the deep and I am the beneficiary. Thank you and blessings, Heather. Be well.

  10. That was captivating, Heather. I'm sorry to say I didn't expect to watch the whole 31 mins, but I did and enjoyed the heck out of it. I cracked up at the unfinished sentences and five seconds of sidewalk and interruptions to look at flowers in detail. I totally tracked with your stream of consciousness thought/observation pattern:

    "I want to be a hermit and *descend* into the world this is a loquat." 🙂

    "here's a pidgeon."

    Your comments about the difficulties of living in a world full of people reminded me of the film Barfly, about notorious drunkard/writer Charles Bukowski (not recommending the film, but it was a favorite in my darker days, pre-conversion):

    Faye Dunaway's character: "People … dontcha just hate 'em?"

    Mickey Rourke's character: "Nah. But I feel better when they're not around."

    I didn't know that religion means "to bind back together," and maybe you made that up but I wrote it down. That's a keeper.

    I love the parts with the undulating camera as you walk and talk and quote O'Connor and Hopkins. It was dreamy.

  11. I could identify with so much of this ..Heather, brutally honest the brokeness and the beauty yes!

  12. Thank you Heather for sharing this piece of your life with us.

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