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  1. Ah, beautiful. Really no words needed.

  2. hi heather. just read your commentary in Magnificat, and really enjoyed it. So I found your blog – Mertonesque, in a 21st century context. Or based on the challenges with the CD player, maybe a post-20th century context. As a Catholic and a Californian, I look forward to reading more from you. Maybe there's something to the fact that southern California's landscapes are similar Mediterranean hill country like ancient Syrian, Lebanon, Jerusalem or places like Assisi. Check out http://wccm.org/

  3. Thanks, Barbara and Phicks–yes, the Southern Cal. landscape does evoke the Holy Land! And then there's the fact, that "the holy land" is everywhere, if we have eyes to see. In fact, D.J. Waldie wrote one of the best books about the L.A. area I know: Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir.…Appreciate the link as well…

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