1. Wow! What an amazing child. I find it difficult to watch things like that without crying, but I found it very inspirational. His faith was so complete. It reminds me to gave thanks for the good things I have. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Joe Areopagite says: Reply

    Heather, thank you for sharing this tremendous gift, this almost surreal witness of how Christ can touch our humanity and render it luminous, simple, fearless, wise.

    Garvan does not seem to be of this world, as you note. And perhaps precisely because of such "otherworldliness" (an otherworldliness that is simultaneously so at home in the world), his genuine love for the world shines through all the more radiantly.

    He seems to have been sent to us as a little messenger, a little reminder that it is not impossible — indeed, there seems to be no other truly human option — to live "on earth as it is in heaven."

    And it's no wonder he should resonate with you, for he too is a tightrope walker of the infinite, feet firmly planted on earth but with roots in heaven, and thus able to balance in midair. With the vulnerability of a heart open and free.

    Thanks again,


  3. Thanks for sharing this little mystic with us, Heather. I love how he described his heart to heart relationship with Jesus:
    "I like to pray with an open heart to get an open answer back."
    So inspirational!

  4. This little saint is a rebuke to those who would sentimentalize children. His testimony is hauntingly beautiful.

  5. i think i want to show that to my 5 classes of seniors –what do you think–I think it is so profoundly beautiful!

  6. Loved this thanks -a new fan!

  7. Heck yeah, Maria, show it to your classes of seniors…thanks all for your comments, so glad you responded to the video as I did. As his mother said, this is the kind of surrender most of us seek, mostly without finding, our whole lives…

  8. Dear Heather,

    This extraordinary little person makes me think: "Why don't I have faith like that?" And then I thought of Flannery O'Connor saying, "I have never been anywhere but sick. In a sense sickness is a place, where there's no company, where nobody can follow. Sickness before death is a very appropriate thing and I think those who don't have it miss one of God's mercies." I agree with that, but because I have never had to live with a life-threatening illness, and I certainly wouldn't wish it on a little boy, I don't totally understand it. It's more of a mystery to me.

    Watching Garvan talk about Jesus I thought to myself, "It has to be true. Even the cosmos would not be so cruel to play such a trick on a little boy." Ivan Karamozov cannot believe in the goodness of God because of the suffering of children, but the suffering child can!

    Thank you,