The other morning for the first time since September, when I moved to this house in Silver Lake, I went and sat in the back yard gazebo and it was so beautiful! Sometimes just seeing things from a different angle makes everything look new.

Orange trees laden with fruit, and a huge Peruvian pepper, and a goldfinch perched on the top of the fountain, and electric blue morning glories twined way up in the tops of the old trees, and I brought out my prayer books, and I realized–one more time–that I live in paradise.

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  1. Mary Beth says: Reply

    Heather, is that the Bergamot Center? If so, it's a really beautiful place. (I attended a conference there years ago about including our loved ones with disabilities more fully in the life of the Church.) Prayers for a fruitful time there. And welcome to my Ohio!

  2. Yes, Mary Beth, it's the Bergamot (or is it Bergamo?) Center. My friend Brandon sent me some photos and tells me the wildflowers are out so I'm excited. And while in your native state, I'm going to talk to another gal about out there about the possibility of speaking in November at a parish near Cincinnati. Part of the fun of my life is I never quite know where it will take me–and how nice that Ohio is on the radar right now…thanks for the welcome.

  3. Hello from upstate NY. I love LA and I am so happy when you have photos. That long view looking East, with the greyish sky, the grey/green trees in the distance, and the bright green fronds up close; it is lovely.

  4. Im from Ohio too!! It's a good state.

  5. Ohio is good! Have been on a photo-taking spree since I arrived…thank you both…

  6. It's indeed a great place to relax and just unwind. It served as additional seas and a great place to just enjoy your garden.


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